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Whisper Rock Golf Club

Whisper Rock Golf Club offers a truly exclusive and upscale golfing experience nestled amidst the desert’s serene beauty. With two distinct courses designed by golf legends Phil Mickelson and Tom Fazio, the club promises a refined journey that caters to golf aficionados seeking both challenge and tranquility. The North Course embodies Fazio’s design philosophy, incorporating natural elements and stunning vistas into a seamless golfing experience. The Lower Course, envisioned by Mickelson, demands precision and skill as players navigate through meticulously crafted holes. Beyond the greens, the club’s luxurious amenities and elegant clubhouse reflect a commitment to excellence. Whether perfecting your swing against the backdrop of desert landscapes or enjoying the serene ambiance, Whisper Rock Golf Club offers an unforgettable golfing sanctuary that leaves every player with cherished memories of an exquisite and exclusive golf retreat.