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Maggies Peaks

Granite Lake and Maggie’s Peaks in Lake Tahoe offer a captivating and rewarding alpine adventure that showcases the breathtaking beauty of the Sierra Nevada. Beginning at the Bayview Trailhead, hikers embark on a moderate to strenuous journey through dense forests and rocky terrain. As the trail ascends, it unveils stunning panoramas of Lake Tahoe’s crystalline waters and the surrounding majestic peaks. Upon reaching Granite Lake, the tranquil alpine waters nestled amidst granite outcrops create a serene oasis perfect for a rejuvenating pause. For the more adventurous, ascending Maggie’s Peaks presents an opportunity to reach even greater heights, revealing awe-inspiring vistas that span across the emerald lake-dappled landscape. The combination of Granite Lake’s peaceful serenity and the lofty heights of Maggie’s Peaks offers a complete and unforgettable Lake Tahoe experience, making it a must-visit destination for hikers seeking a truly immersive encounter with nature’s grandeur.
  • Maggies Peak, California 96150, USA