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Cress Street Beach

Cress Street Beach in Laguna Beach is a coastal gem that delights with its intimate charm and scenic allure. Tucked away between rocky outcrops, this serene and lesser-known beach offers a secluded escape for beachgoers seeking a tranquil coastal experience. Accessible via a short pathway, the beach welcomes visitors with soft golden sands and inviting waves gently lapping the shore. Its smaller size creates a sense of coziness and exclusivity, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and reflection. Cress Street Beach’s picturesque setting, surrounded by cliffs and swaying palm trees, sets the stage for memorable sunsets, casting a golden hue over the Pacific horizon. Whether lounging on the sand, exploring tide pools, or simply enjoying the rhythmic sounds of the ocean, Cress Street Beach promises a peaceful sanctuary and an authentic taste of Laguna Beach’s coastal splendor.
  • Cress Street Beach, Cress Street, Laguna Beach, CA, USA